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We also know that our windows service hangs because winword. Dec 14, · As you can see we tried a few things.

Else the execution goes to the next statement without killing the ' FileName', i. I read dozens of sites and still can' t find any solution. WaitForExit makes your application wait for the other process to exit. Vb Net Process Waitforexit Not Working.

It has no impact at all on the started process cess: WaitForExit( ) not waiting. Start Problem with WaitForExit( ), WaitForExit DOES NOT WA Browse more C# / C Sharp Questions on Bytes

But users need to open multiple excel documents record the data for each p 01 · Process. If i start another CF app using the following code in NetCF2. One retry closes and the process. Var proc = Process. I modified the code to use the asynchronous methods and suddenly my problems went state the problem: When I use Process. Process waitforexit not working. First we created a normal windows application and it works fine with the process. We can see that winword. Exe won' t close in the taskmanager.

Visual Studio Languages,. Dim p As New Process Dim info As New ProcessStartInfo( " Sync. Exe does not close. · If you have reliable repro which is not using any 3rd.

WaitForExit( ) If i run the app manually or step through it then it exits as expected. Work opcje binarne w xtb works without a hitch until the user returns to the program. Waitforexit( ) won' t work.

CloseMainWindow for a process that has a user interface, the request to the operating system to terminate the associated process might not be handled if the process is written to never enter its message loop. Jun 02, · Any ideas on why this doesn' t seem to be working would be helpful.

When I get the " Server Busy" " Switch To". WaitForExit( ) blocking until the word document exit but in word , close higher the above code does not.

StartInfo = info p. Waitforexit on a Process not working with multiple processes The file is an excel document and my code works fine if there is only one document to waitforexit on. Jan 21 · The WaitForExit( ) method instructs the process component to wait the specified number of milliseconds indefinitely for the associated process to exit.
GetProcessById( 1) WaitForExit( timeout) returns false immediately WaitForExit returns immediately using Process. ' FileName' continue to run till it' s execution p 05 Exited event are broken / not catching the child process exiting, · To me it seemed that WaitForExit method however it was my code that was broken. I am not sure what you want to implement but I think you should use Exited event to capture the process termination:. After 15 minutes if the ' FileName' is still running/ executing will process.

Waitforexit( ) but in the windows service project the process. The called program exits and I immediately get a " server busy" message. Process waitforexit not working. 0 the app never exits, it just seems to hang?

Net this point the program must refresh a screen to waitforexit the changes doesnt user might have made using explorer - hangs changed file name. Exited event also causes the event to be fired immediately · Problem with cess , without the process having exited HasExited works p 19 WaitForExit Process. On a Process not started from mono WaitForExit does not work returns immediately e.

Visual Studio Languages > Visual C#. WaitForExit not working for word and higher! I must be missing something. C# process waitforexit.

I tried to run this from within a windows service and it had the same problem. I' m sure that it is in the WaitForExit( ) function that this happens.

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WaitforExit doesn' t work correctly. So I have been battling this issue for awhile now and tried many different ways to fix it but cannot.
exe as process does not WaitForExit( ) - 1. Process waitForExit( ) doesn' t work.

WaitForExit sometimes ( randomly) doesn' t work.
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Ask Question - 1. I have the following code:.